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Friday, January 21, 2011


I don't love to read books.  I think I read too much in college and now I am good.  Yep.  I find much more satisfaction reading home magazines with pictures :)
I just got back from the most amazing trip ever to market for work.  I think I was on cloud nine for four straight days even with working eleven hour days and terribly achy feet and legs.  Words cannot describe it...Showroom, after showroom, of the most amazing displays of home decor, accessories and gifts EVER. I was tickled pink the entire time....oh, except when we missed our flight coming home....all seven of us....and got in at midnight instead of seven p.m. and hundreds of dollars later.  We all learned a good lesson.  Might be good for at least one person to check their actual itinerary and don't pass on getting on the subway train that has arrived because it is too full and you think there is another one coming soon.  There isn't.  And you will miss your flight.  Especially if no one knows what time the flight is leaving.  And, no, Delta doesn't care.  Aside from that, it was amazing and I was in heaven the whole time.  I was really inspired by all of the showrooms that used old book pages in their displays and wanted to do something in my house.  So I gave my window above my fireplace a facelift for Spring.
 Book pages also make for cute wrapping paper for smaller gifts.  


Taisja & Brady Maxfield said...

Love It! I might have to copy and do that to my old window my mom gave me:) I want to hear all about Market!

Am-Biance said...

Love! :) You are so talented and creative,your place looks AMAZING!!
Miss you girl~

Nesting with Grace said...

Yes....i especially like the wrapping since that little gift is mine :) you are so very passionate about design and it shows with how talented you are!! And I still cant believe the flight!

Brownies said...

Lol. You are cute.