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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Spring, Won't You Stay Forever?

I LOVE Spring colors and...(naturally)..deCoRaTiNg with Spring Accessories. They are so light and refreshing! it doesn't matter if it is Fall or Christmas...these are the colors that I am drawn to. My personal favorites are vintage inspired florals and the color teal. I rearranged a bunch of my accessories the other day and here is what I came up with. Happy Spring!I don't really have a large space for an 'entry' and certainly not enough space (depth) for an entry chest, but I wanted to create an area that I could use as display and another opportunity for a lamp (you can never have enough accent lighting!) I moved this accent table and chair over as a quick solution. I just need to find something now for under the 'Welcome' sign. That empty spot needs a little something!I need to fill my glass jars!
I bought this Chalkboard (it is an old cabinet door painted with chalkboard paint) at the Downtown Farmers' Market last summer. I didn't have a kitchen valance and I loved the contrast between my wood cabinets and the white and black so it was a perfect fit! I haven't done it yet, but I am going to change 'Kitchen' to my Grandma's famous oatmeal cookie recipe.