{she and he}

Friday, May 30, 2008

mom and dad...love you

I just have to tell you real quick how wonderful my mom and dad are and how much I love them. They are always doing things for my brother and me. Rarely does my brother golf in a tournament without my parents following along behind him, supporting him whether it's raining or 100 degrees outside and they are always doing things to help and support me too. My mom is the hardest worker I know, the best cook (although she totally lacks in the baking department and those that know her would not disagree--it's okay Mom, your vegetable medley makes up for it in and of itself). She is selfless, talented, loving, a great friend and a wonderful mom. And my dad might as well be superman. He can do just about anything and he is always the first person willing and wanting to help. He is also a great listener and always there to offer advice when you need it. My brother and I are truly blessed! We love you Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

kitchen love

Came across these pics in Southern Living and had to post them because I love everything about this kitchen... The painted floors, the aqua cabinets, the taupy-grey ceiling color, the lighting...just love it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

meet fifi lapin

So I have come across my new favorite blog of the week.... drum roll please.... http://fifi-lapin.blogspot.com/ (Kelly this post is especially for you as I know you would find great joy in it!) I mean we all know the great frog with his fancy cigar, but this bunny wears couture! I honestly wondered if fifi lapin's mamma was you...
Seriously...so cute.

Monday, May 12, 2008

3rd and 3rd...so retro, so fun!

If you like antiques and other vintage items, you should take a little stroll down 300 S. and 300 E. in downtown Salt Lake City. The entire street is lined with little antique shops, sure to satisfy your craving for a new vintage find for your home. I have been going to Retro Rose for years and he always has fun things, but my favorites this last time were the vintage food packages and tins from the 1950s-60s at (I think it was Jitterbug antiques...) They would be so cute as accessories in a kitchen!