{she and he}

Sunday, March 25, 2012

as of late...

We are moving to Louisville, Kentucky so Brock can attend dental school at University of Louisville.  That is pronounced 'Looavull' or 'Luhvull'.  You pretty much just try to swallow your tongue when you say it.  A happy/sad change, but we are ready.  Bring on the basketball, fancy hats and southern accents ya'll. 
We finally tried Pizzeria Limone on Ft. Union and we are in LOVE.  I crave their Viola pizza with blackberries.  We went on Wednesday and again on Friday.
Brock is playing Mr. Mom while I get to work.  I say get because I truly love what I do.  I am going to miss it.  They go on 3 mile walks in the Ergo baby and Brock gives Norah baths complete with a warm wash cloth on her tummy and a hair dryer finish.  She loves it.  He is a pretty great Dad. 
We got to meet baby Eden this weekend, my lovely friend Taisja's baby.  We think they are going to be great friends too. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

little love of my life

Meet Norah.

best. day. ever.

At the hospital getting ready to have a baby!  So excited for our lives to change forever!

a wonderful nine months

Looking back at our cupcake reveal party where we found out what we were having with our families.  So excited our little babe was a girl.  Now that she is here, I don't know what I would do without her!  She melts my heart (and her Daddy's!).