{she and he}

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Meet Brock.
He is my boyfriend...most of the time.
Brock=studying, studying, studying for FINALS.
.....SOO....I think I'll rearrange, rearrange, rearrange.
I decided to take my cabinet doors off to EXPOSE all my white dishes that I LOVE. {thanks taisj} I've been wanting to paint my boring wood cabinets to lighten up my kitchen but haven't mustered up the courage yet...This is a quick fix for now but it already feels lighter!


The Giauques said...

Love it. It looks so fresh and clean. So cute!

debbie said...

Wow..so cute Jen! Amazing

Nesting with Grace said...

Hello can't believe you didn't tell me you did that! Looks so cute!! I have some yellow and green with my white but there is something about all white I love!

leslie said...

I have been looking for new dishes so I can take off one set of cabinet doors. I want square ones so if you see some tell me. It looks beautiful.

ryanjess said...

Oh why hello there Brock...so nice to see you again! :)
Love the darling update in your kitchen Jenny Jen! Miss you!

Taisja & Brady Maxfield said...

Jen it looks so great! I wish I could do something with my cabinets. I'm happy to see Brock on the blog:) Miss you!

Brownies said...

OK, speaking from experience....You will need TONS of courage, time and energy to paint your kitchen cabinets. Probably why I cried of sweet relief when it was all over in my kitchen.
Come visit.