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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Cottage Living...Tell Me It Isn't So

One of my favorite blogs to read is that of talented Interior Designer Erika (not sure her last name) whose darling blog you can find here. She also happens to be close friends with Anne Turner Carroll who is the Assistant Decorating Editor at Cottage Living (or should I say was....lucky for her she is incredibly talented and I am sure will find another amazing job)....Anywho, if you haven't picked up the November/December issue of CL, you best be heading to the bookstore for two reasons... First and foremost: Cottage Living is no more... I know, I know... it is just about the worse news in magazine-land. The Birmingham News reported that Time Inc. is "killing Cottage Living magazine." Must they use the word "kill"?? I think I might shed a tear... And for the other reason why you need this issue: There is a spread on Anne Turner Carroll herself, or rather her home; a delightful kitchen remodel and a little peek at her "Vintage Casual Christmas."

I absolutely love her Glass Paned French Doors that separate her laundry closet from her kitchen. I have been wanting to replace my pantry door with a similar look for a couple of months now and have been to George's (a.k.a. old door heaven) to look, but I haven't settled in on exactly what I want. Perhaps I will visit George again this Saturday...

Also, notice her adorable chairs in her family room. I would be willing to bet they are the LEE 3905-41 in Hunt Club Stone. Love this look too?? Come in to The Black Goose Design and purchase them for your home! Lucky for you, our Friends and Family sale is coming up Tuesday and Wednesday and custom upholstery is on SALE!

In case you are just silly and don't buy your own issue, I will scan and post the pictures from mine soon...

Here are the pics!

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