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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Radin or Rubino??...I'm curious too

I have a few favorite blogs that I love reading each week and in my searches today, I came across a delightful post, which raises (I think) a really interesting question. We all love the movie Something's Gotta Give for the breathtaking Hamptons house. In fact, my cute friend Stacy recently admitted that she watches the movie quite frequently just to adore the beautiful design. Apparently, we are not alone! Joni states "Never before has any movie house created such adulation. Countless numbers of kitchens were built copying the movie's kitchen. Scores of newspaper and magazine articles were written about the house. Google the subject and copycat house after copycat house pops up on the screen. Architectural Digest states that their article on the Hamptons house is their subscribers' all-time favorite piece. A Victorian Hagan cover for Elle Decor that looks very similar to the movie house was one of their best sellers ever."

When The Holiday came out, I remember a conversation among the girls at Black Goose. It wasn't how striking Jude Law was or how great Jack Black and Kate Winslet are together, but rather how we LOVED the two homes. Cameron's gorgeous beach house and Kate's adorable country cottage...both stunning.

The post I found today explained that the movies had a common interest. Nancy Meyers was the director behind both and in both movies the production team was led by Jon Hutman - but Beth Rubino, the wonderful set designer of Something's Gotta Give, was absent for The Holiday. So what is the question, you might ask? Nancy Meyers' personal interior designer, James Radin, has photos of Something's Gotta Give and The Holiday houses on his web site, but he is not mentioned in the film credits. So, who is the fabulous designer responsible for these materpieces? Is it Radin or Rubino? Joni explains in more detail why this question is not so easily answered. She says...

"James Radin, the interior designer from Los Angeles is credited at the end of Something's Gotta Give with a "Thanks." There is no hint given of what he did to deserve the thanks, but savvy viewers in the know are aware of Radin's unique contribution to the movie - he is Nancy Meyers' (the writer and director) personal interior designer. While Jon Hutman is listed as Production Designer and Beth Rubino is in charge of Set Decoration, it is Beth who has been truly credited with the house's design. What was Radin's role in the house's design? Apparently, Meyers so loves her own home and it's designer that she asked Radin to help out the production team. The big question and one that will probably never be fully answered is who truly designed the Hamptons House? Who came up with the interiors of the Hamptons House? In this article in House Beautiful, here is how Radin described his contribution:"

DONNA PAUL: You've designed houses in two hit movies by director Nancy Meyers, Something's Gotta Give and The Holiday. Are you a set designer or an interior designer who also does sets?

JAMES RADIN: I'm an interior designer. I designed Nancy's own house, and she asked me to help the production design team with Diane Keaton's house in Something's Gotta Give. She wanted it to look professionally decorated, like Diane's character would have had.

"So, at this point, it doesn't sound like Radin is the mastermind behind the Hamptons House (and the house from the movie, The Holiday, too - which I will discuss at another time.) But, the question of who really designed the house becomes even more puzzling when you take a look at Radin's web site. In his portfolio, which is not especially large, he shows photos from both the Something's Gotta Give AND The Holiday house. So, by putting pictures of these two movie houses in his portfolio, does this not officially put the question of who is the true designer of the Hamptons House to rest? Is James Radin the true designer of the beautiful Hamptons House, with its blue and white dhurri, its slipcovered sofa, the dark wood furniture, the beautiful slipcovered chairs in the dining room, the ironstone collection, the gorgeous farm kitchen with the black soapstone counters, and the peaceful cream bedroom with its soft, muted tones? If Radin is NOT the true designer of the Hamptons House, should the house be in his portfolio? And if he is the true designer, of the Hamptons House - doesn't he deserve more than just a "thanks" on the credits? How does Beth Rubino feel about the Hamptons House and The Holiday house showing up in Radin's portfolio?"

"Judging from his web site, Radin's work is truly reminiscent of the Something's Gotta Give house. You can see the similarities in his other work in his portfolio. Regardless of who is the true mastermind behind the SGG house, Radin is a true talent - he has a fresh, youthful look which is always calming and serene by his choice of colors. Radin likes to use dark wood furniture, light upholstery fabrics, cushy, down filled sofas and chairs, and rattan and wicker accent pieces. Again, he uses no dark colors, no velvets or silks, or chenille's - Radin has a "look" which he stays true to, despite the architecture of the home."

"While we may never know who is the true brainchild behind the Something's Gotta Give house, one thing is certain though, Radin's name is forever tied to the home. And even more so now since the house is included in his portfolio. Judging from the overwhelming popularity of the SGG house, this will be very, very good for his business longevity."

"The good news: Nancy Meyers is working on a new screenplay about a long term marriage, divorce, and relationship which she says will be completed this August. The starring roles call for one woman and two leading men. Sounds interesting! James Radin, her personal interior designer reports he is gearing up for a new movie set - is it Meyers new movie? I hope so!!!"
Joni- Cote de Texas
Here are some DELIGHTFUL pictures of the Something's Gotta Give and Holiday houses:

Something's Gotta Give

The Holiday


Nesting with Grace said...

WHAT A TREAT!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love to look at both of those homes or "sets" I need to get back to studying those photos and finihs reading your article, I was too excited I had to scroll down to see the photos!
Best post EVER!

Am-Biance said...

Props to you Girl!! Love your research and mini article, Jen you should be writer/designer. You are so great with words :)LOVE the pictures.. and you know that we all appreciate beautiful design in movies :)You are so very talented...