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Friday, May 30, 2008

mom and dad...love you

I just have to tell you real quick how wonderful my mom and dad are and how much I love them. They are always doing things for my brother and me. Rarely does my brother golf in a tournament without my parents following along behind him, supporting him whether it's raining or 100 degrees outside and they are always doing things to help and support me too. My mom is the hardest worker I know, the best cook (although she totally lacks in the baking department and those that know her would not disagree--it's okay Mom, your vegetable medley makes up for it in and of itself). She is selfless, talented, loving, a great friend and a wonderful mom. And my dad might as well be superman. He can do just about anything and he is always the first person willing and wanting to help. He is also a great listener and always there to offer advice when you need it. My brother and I are truly blessed! We love you Mom and Dad!


Nesting with Grace said...

How sweet...your parents are so great! You are always saying oh my mom did this or my mom did that, what a great support system you have Jen!
By the way your house is DARLING! I loved the fresh look it has!

ryanjess said...

Aren't Mom and Dad's the best! You are so sweet Jen...it was GREAT to see you today and to be back at work with you! Um...I need to see this cute house of yours!!!